The Combermere Alumni USA, Inc; was founded for the benefit of Combermere School, present students and former students in Barbados and the United States of America. The mission of the organization is to assist all Combermerians to become progressive and productive members of society.  The Association seeks to cultivate the spirit of fellowship among alumni; hearten a program of cultural development; promote personal growth as well as facilitate all students to endeavor toward preeminence. As a non-profit based organization we solicit funds to enable us to provide financial grants, educational aid and other assistance when ever possible to past and present Combermerians.



Basyl Barrow

We are in the process of organizing a Scholarship Fund for the late Basyl Barrow. If you would like more info email the alumni at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or if you would like to contribute now, use the link below.


Friends and Alumni, Combermere Alumni USA is in the process of raising funds to purchase lab equipment for Combermere School, Barbados. Also this fundraiser's purpose is to retool our financial situation to better assist our past and future alumni in times of hardship. The link below allows you to select a monthly recurring donation to the alumni. We hope you will be inspired to donate to this most worthy cause. For one time donations please use the link in the upper left hand corner, thanks you.

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